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10 Popular Gifts Requested by Mom – Flowers or Jewelry is Not One of Them

April 26, 2016

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. In case you don’t remember the date, its Sunday, May 8th, 2016 this year.  So if you’re still trying to figure out what to give the lady who gave birth to you or life to your children, you may want to keep reading because I have great tips for you.

Every year we would get mom jewelry or flowers and it wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized that moms really want something else.  Sure, they never actually say that to you, but among friends, they share what they really want or rather be doing on this special day.  I was actually curious to know what are the most requested gifts for moms this year, so I asked my mom friends on Facebook, and here’s what forty mom’s had to share:

Gifts Mom Really Wants

Spa Day or Massage

There’s so many reasons that spa days are always the most requested gift from women, but mostly from moms.  Quiet time is golden.  The idea of being away from everyday chaos and decision making is heaven to a woman’s ears.  She could do whatever she wants in there, since most spas offer different services.  I would recommend a gift card to her favorite spa, that way she can book her own service.  By the way, a spa gift doesn’t have to be expensive, you could just get her access to the facility for a lower cost and she could just enjoy the sauna, jacuzzi and quiet rooms.  Trust me, she’ll love you even more for this.

Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways was the second most requested Mother’s Day gift.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a quick getaway from everyday routines.  Mom just needs a break once a while, so why not send her away for the weekend.  It’s not that she doesn’t want to be around you, she just wants a little ‘me’ time.  It doesn’t have to be an exotic getaway, unless you want it to be, it can be something affordable, like a staycation.  Staycations are great because it doesn’t include transportation costs.  Just book her room with room service, a king size comfortable bed, and a bottle of wine.  That’s all.  Noticing a trend here?  #MeTime

Nap Time

Look, if naps is all she wants for Mother’s Day, give it to her.  This is not only one of the most affordable gifts – ever, but would be the most appreciated.  An uninterrupted nap would make mom uber happy.  Did you catch that word: uninterrupted.  That means get out of the house and just let her sleep in or just be.  Not only would she be more energized to deal with your needs, but she will be a much happier person.  Let the lady sleep, please.  It doesn’t cost you a single penny.

Mimosa Brunch

This request requires a little more organization on your part, because Mother’s Day is only one of the most busiest days for restaurants.  This means you need to plan ahead if you want to take her to one of her favorite places.  Make sure you select a bottomless mimosa restaurant too!  If for some reason you’re not able to book her favorite spot, make her a delicious brunch yourself.  She may appreciate breakfast in bed -after she sleeps-in, of course – with a bottle of Champagne and Netflix for her to catch up on her favorite shows. Uninterrupted. I don’t know a single women who wouldn’t appreciate this gift.


All though some moms may do this on a bi-monthly basis, there’s some moms that just don’t have the luxury of time.  This gift is not just a gift-certificate, it should also include babysitting if she has little one’s.  Another simple request of #MeTime, really.  The gift of being away, with no time limitations or being harassed with questions of when they’re coming home, because the kids are crying is precious.  Let her be, guilt-free.

Deep House Cleaning Service

A deep housecleaning gift is genius! Whether she’s a stay at home parent or working, every woman wants her home clean.  I don’t mean light cleaning, like no toys all over the house, shoes on the table or dirty clothes on the floor, I mean deep-deep cleaning!  No dust, streaks on the windows, clean walls, the works!  Usually we have to plan a whole weekend to do this type of cleaning, but hiring someone to do it would be FABULOUS!  Am I right?

Cooking Class

We all like to believe that we’re the best cooks in our home, but let’s be real, a professional cooking class would be pretty cool.  I know I could always learn new techniques from the chefs that prepare delicious cuisines everyday. Sending mom to a cooking class of her favorite cuisine would be an awesome gift.  And guess what, it’s a win-win for all, because she’ll be pretty excited to show off her new skills.  Hopefully it will be you who she will cook for.  I haven’t been yet, but I hear William Sonoma has free classes and Sur La Table has a Mommy & Me class for $49.   A cooking class would also be a perfect Girls Night!  Send mom with her friends for an even more special day.


Yes, wine.  But not any wine, a special favorite wine that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself.  Some moms just want to be left alone with a nice bottle of wine.  I would make it even more special by creating a special gift basket filled with all her favorite snacks and chocolate.  That simple. Okay, maybe also get a subscription to Netflix if she doesn’t have an account.

Family Time

One thing that I did notice was that family time has been requested majority by working moms.  Careers do require a lot of time away from their family.  As much as they wish they could spend more time at home, they also have to provide.  Which makes weekend getaways with their family even more special.  We’re not talking about a full vacation here, a camping trip or visiting a beach campground for the day could be fun.  All mom wants is to be able to create special memories with those she loves the most – you.


Whoever said technology gifts are only requested by men, they’re living in the wrong era. More women are buying technology gadgets than men these days.  For many reasons too.  Some may need certain gadgets to keep track of their busy schedules, work, fitness trackers, or just like a fun toy.  Top most requested gadgets this year have been FitBit,  GoPro, ipad pro and iwatch.

For more Mother’s Day ideas, take a look at the following comments by real moms:

Keep in mind that hitting a homerun on this day is no excuse for neglecting moms the other 364 days of the year. But showing a little extra love on Mother’s Day certainly doesn’t hurt.

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