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5 Golf Apps To Kick Off Your Game

Golf has gone tech in so many ways, but for the sake of not overwhelming you, let’s start with helpful Golf Apps that can help educate you on the game or assist you with playing a good game. If anything, if you have a bad day on the course, you could at least impress them with these apps:

Mobile Golf Apps To Improve Your Game:

Golf Weather App – Golf Weather delivers 7 day weather forecasts for your golf course.  Over 40,000 courses available world-wide so you don’t get stuck in the rain.

Rules of Golf App – The R &A’s Official Rules App covers every issue that could come up in a round of golf. If you’re new to the game of golf (what took you us so long, right?), check out this free guide to on-course behaviour, a summary of the basic Rules, and the complete Rules of Golf (2012 – 2015). Outlining all the rules and regulations of the game, as well as the etiquette expected on the course, it’s ideal for the novice, featuring an easy-to-follow menu as well as video content.

Golf Swing Plane App – SwingPlane ($2.99) is arguably the best golf app on the market. This advanced video swing analysis program is easy to use and a low-cost alternative to thousands of dollars worth of video equipment. It incorporates a video camera so that you can easily assess your swing using its playback and drawing tools. See whether your swing is on plane, check your set-up angles, and monitor head and shoulder movements. Sample videos of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and others are included too.

Swing by Swing App – Swing by Swing is a free golf GPS range finder from Swing by Swing Golf. Use your mobile phone to view a satellite photo of the obstacles on the course, the green, and precise distances to everything. You can make astute club decisions based on the app’s distance calculator, which automatically switches between holes as you navigate the course.

Pro Caddie Golf Club Selector – The fastest way to get the club you need to start playing golf!  Enter the approximate distance from the hole in yards and quickly see the proper club to use for that particular shot so you can concentrate on your game.

Are you currently golfing now? If so, what mobile apps do you use to help with your golf game?

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