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A Charcuterie Board + 4 More Affordable Holiday Meal Ideas From ALDI

November 20, 2018

The holidays are here and that means our familia is ready to start cooking and baking. In our culture, we don’t celebrate only on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, we celebrate all month long. As you can imagine, we have to set budget aside for food and gifts. Which is why I’m excited to share that I’ve recently partnered with ALDI grocery store to share all the amazing holiday meal ideas and even affordable gift ideas that can be purchased in one visit.

ALDI supermarkets

The adventure all started when ALDI invited me to visit their newest store location in Bakersfield. I seen this as  an opportunity to grab the kids (Moët & Chandon, our Golden Retrievers) and La Paloma (our RV) for a quick pre-holiday getaway to Lake Success. The RV campground is located in Porterville, an hour away from Bakersfield. By the way, for those who live in Porterville, a new ALDI store is opening in December 2018. After our Glamping Vida adventure, on our way home we stopped by the ALDI store in Bakersfield for a quick tour. In fact, I captured our store visit in Bakersfield on Facebook LIVE. You can view all the great findings we discovered while we shopped, see below.

This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. Being that our visit was right before our family Thanksgiving dinner, we decided to buy all our ingredients for our holiday side dish, Cheesy Potatoes. So we created our grocery list and set our budget to $25.

ALDI Supermarket Great Finds

What we discovered during our visit at ALDI supermarket was their low prices for quality foods with exclusive brands, that are just as good as known brands, possibly even better. We found a wonderful selection of wine and beer, it was hard to not stop. Not only were the prices right, but the selection was wide. You will spend a few good minutes deciding what you want to take home for the holiday party.

ALDI Bakersfield

As we continued our shopping experience towards the vegetable aisle to purchase our potatoes, we found a great selection of veggies and fruits. All the produce looked fresh, and clean. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited other grocery stores only to find old veggies and dirty aisles. I also love that ALDI works with farmers and local growers to ensure that they always offer veggies and fruits as fresh as possible. For the most part they carry all the veggies and fruits you need for your holiday meals. Even Latino veggies, like cilantro, jalapeños and more. ALDI serves to many cultures, not just European, which is where the brand originated from.

ALDI Supermarket

Not only did we find all the ingredients we needed for our Holiday side dish, we saved almost 50% compared to other grocery stores. The savings mostly came from their exclusive brands, which are incredibly low. You really don’t need coupons or even a membership to a big store to save.

Affordable Holiday Meal Ideas From Aldi

As we continued to walk through the aisles, I was inspired by so many offerings and ingredients that I could prepare for the holidays. Here are a few ideas that may inspire you for your upcoming holiday preparations that is available at ALDI supermarkets.

Charcuterie Board + Wine

ALDI Bakersfield

In our family we have those who show up on time and we have those that show up an hour late. So why not reward those who arrive early with a charcuterie board. At ALDI they offer a wide selection of gourmet cheese and salami. I already mentioned the wine selection, but the cheese aisle is amazing with a variety to pick from. Like their exclusive brands, which by the way, don’t contain artificial colors, or have any added monosodium glutamate or MSG nor do they contain added trans-fats which are still found in so many products out there.

Main Course

ALDI Bakersfield

After eating too many tamales and turkey, a bone-in Ham is a great addition to your holiday meals. We always bake one for Thanksgiving and take the leftovers to our RV camping trips.

Pizza + Flatbread Appetizers

ALDI Bakersfield We all have picky eaters in our family, sometimes its the kids and sometimes its adults. Why not prepare them an ALDI Take & Bake pizza, which is not frozen, and cut them into pieces and serve as an appetizer. Kids are happy and so are a few adult family members.  You know who you are! I’m going to count this as two holiday meal ideas, because you can prepare it by itself or as an appetizer.


ALDI Bakersfield

And finally, dessert. ALDI offers a variety of desserts, pastries and more that you could bring home for the Holiday Family Meals. My family loves cheesecake, so I’m excited to try their exclusive brand dessert. This delicious baby was only $2.49, yes…I know! I’ll let you know how it was via Instagram.

Well there you have it. Hope my findings were an inspiration to your next holiday meal. ALDI has become one of my favorite first stops for grocery shopping. Where else could you combine your grocery shopping list with your Christmas shopping list? Its ultimate holiday hack!

If you haven’t gone to ALDI supermarkets yet, swing by, get to know them. It will surely become one of your favorite stores too.

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