Hi, my name is Lala Castro and I take pictures of my food and adventures (also, my friends pitch in). I love different foods from all over the world and enjoy it with a glass of Champagne or wine. Anything bright, geeky and sparkly brightens up my day.  Hence the name.

I haven’t had the opportunity to travel all over the world, but most of the recipes and local restaurant dishes I find are inspired by many cultures. I love to try new foods and create new recipes but I will always have a soft spot for cupcakes and Champagne.  Other than taking photos of my foodie and travel adventures, I enjoy playing with different gadgets and technology.  All though I’m a passionate foodie, I’m really a geek at heart.  In my free time, you might spot me around Los Angeles or Mexico, usually standing on a chair trying to arrange the perfect Instagram shot.

I started  this blog in 2000 with a different name, but decided to brand it under Sparklinglala in 2015 when my passions expanded to travel, food, culture and technology. Since then my photographs and adventures have been featured in Eye in LA, Zagat, and many other featured restaurant Instagram accounts.  I was even a food critic/judge for a TV show called Make Me a Millionaire Inventor where I had to select the best tasting steak and even judged a Cupcake Bake-off where I tasted over 40 different cupcakes.  I participated as a judge for Northgate Markets Carne Asada Challenge, a local Mexican grocery store in Southern California with over 40 locations.  I also had a few speaking opportunities like Techmunch Annual digital food content conference.

Also – I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with many great brands for sponsored content like, Knorr, JC Penny, Vitamin Water, Real Fresh Cafe Breaks, General Mills, Sony, Verizon, Try the World, and many more.

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Travel, Food, Technology & Culture