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Celebrate Summertime at Knott’s Berry Farm With New Shows and Dive Coaster, HangTime

June 13, 2018
Enjoy summer at Knott's Berry Farm

There’s something special about summertime. It’s the time of year when friends and family have extra time to take extended vacations or day trips that create fun, long-lasting memories.

Luckily for folks in Southern California, there are so many options to enjoy near our homes that include food, entertainment and thrill. An all-time fave location that provides all three is Knott’s Berry Farm that’s conveniently located in Orange County, bordering Los Angeles.

When most people hear of Knott’s they think of their iconic fried chicken, but it also includes musical dance parties and roller coasters. They’ve introduced new shows this summer and the first and only dive coaster in California — HangTime. HangTime is a surfing themed coaster that sends riders up a 150-foot vertical lift and leaves them suspended at a 60-degree angle. It also includes a steep 96-degree drop and travels up to 57 MPH. 

It’s the ride that will satisfy any thrill-seeker and will likely convert a few with its corkscrew, loops and rolls. Be sure to check it out at night as it illuminates the Boardwalk area with a vibrant track color.

If feet on ground is more of your style, add Knott’s Ghost Town Alive! to your agenda. Guests become an honorary citizen of Calico when they step into the Ghost Town area and become an important part of the unfolding story. Guests mingle with cowboys and bandits and are assigned tasks that influence the direction of the experience. Stick around the area to catch a hoedown that celebrates Founder’s Day at Calico Park.

The newest show to hit the Charles M. Schultz Theatre is Beach Blanket Beagle. It’s a fun musical dance party set to the classic beachcomber sounds of the 60s and 70s and features everyone’s favorite beagle Snoopy!

This is the ideal show for all families and includes a flame-throwing dance that’s sure to amaze and leave you holding your breath. Sit in the first 3 rows for a light splash during the dance party.

Travel to the Calico Mine State for Calico’s Mountain Jamboree. The new show is stunt-filled and features the Timber Mountain Loggers that compete against the Calico Miners. It’s a humorous, energetic show that has a dynamic ending, so stick around for the finale. Select show dates are available until August 19, so check the website in advance, if you’d like to experience.

Join the summer fun at Knott’s and create those lasting memories with your BFF and family. See what others have posted online: #KnottsHangTime, #GhostTownAlive

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