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Delicious Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

February 4, 2015

Can jello shots be healthy?  Not exactly, but these strawberry margarita jello shots can make you feel guilt-free.  I recently ran into this recipe on Pinterest.  I was actually looking for fun desserts, but the word margarita took me towards a different direction.   You see, I’m not a jello shot kinda gal, but when I seen this delicious cute recipe on pinterest, I had to try it.  I did have my doubts as I was preparing the recipe, I was prepared for a #pinterestfail.  But they actually turned out to be uber-delicious!

Two things to be aware of before you commit to this recipe:  give yourself enough time to prepare and for people to want more!

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots Recipe

Recipe makes 24-30 large strawberries

  • 1 box Strawberry Jell-O
  • 1 cup tequila
  • 3/4 cup cointreau

To finish

  • Sugar
  • Lime

Equipment:  Small measuring spoon with sharp edges.  I don’t recommend the plastic spoons or knife to scoop out the insides.


  1. Balancing the strawberry on its side, parallel to the cutting board at the point where it is widest, cut off the top. The cut should have a slant.
  2. Holding the strawberry, cut off a tiny part of the bottom tip so the berry can stand upright. Don’t cut too much, you don’t want to create a hole at the bottom.  Although this process will make the strawberry look prettier, I found this step more time consuming.  If you don’t care how it looks, here’s a food hack that may work best, place the strawberries in ice trays to hold them upright and won’t tip over.
  3. Using a small measuring spoon, carefully scoop out the insides of the strawberries.  Try to not use a plastic spoon as it would be harder to scoop out.  Also, be careful how close you get to the edges as you scoop.  If you pierce the edges or bottom, the liquids will leak.  That would be a waste of a delicious strawberry!
  4. Place them on a baking sheet, or like I mentioned before, an ice tray.  I found the baking sheet trip to the refrigerator made some of them tilt over.  It was a mess.
  5. Combine Jell-O mix with 3/4 cup boiling water and stir 2 minutes to completely dissolve.
  6. Stir tequila and cointreau into the Jell-O mixture.  I heard that if you freeze the alcohols in advanced, it would speed up the process.
  7. Pour Jell-O/booze mixture into strawberry cups. Fill them up as much as possible.  Food hack: I used a turkey baster for less mess, even better if its dripless.
  8. Refrigerate four hours or until firm
  9. Once the jello is set, zest lime into a plate of sugar.
  10. Slice lime into thin rounds, then cut into small wedges. You may also want to cut a small chunk through the center of each wedge’s flesh so they can balance on the tip of the strawberry.
  11. Wet the sides of the set Jell-O shot with lime juice, roll in your sugar-lime zest, and garnish with lime wedge.

I don’t know who invented this recipe, but whoever did, cheers to you!  I’m just here to share the love.

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