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Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins Empowers Young Girls with Wonder Woman Movie

June 2, 2017
I was invited/hosted by Warner Bros. Pictures to preview the movie and interview the cast, all opinions are my own.

Growing up as a young girl in the 80’s there weren’t too many female superheroes to look up to, except maybe a few, like Wonder Woman, She-Ra and Gem.  (Remember them?  If you don’t know who they are, Google them! You’re missing out.)  My sister and I would rein-act so many scenes from the cartoons we watched and we believed we had the actual super powers to change the world.  Let’s also not forget the beautiful TV actress Linda Carter, the original Wonder Woman super hero.  I remember back then how much I wanted to look like her, be her.  She had it all, love, courage, strength, brains, beauty and a invisible plane.  Loved that plane!  Even as a child I dreamed of traveling the world. Back then we had imagination, we could be anything and imagined anything if we just closed our eyes. We had Wonder Woman who we looked up to and it didn’t matter if we were a girl.  At least that’s how I felt when I was a young girl.

Today is a different time, and if you think of it, not much has really changed.  Male superheroes still take the lead on the movie screen and even in the entertainment industry.  It’s no wonder there’s more male superheroes than female.  I see my nieces growing up and looking up to reality celebrities and Disney Princesses. Which I do have to admit, I rather they watch the new Disney Princess movies over reality shows anytime since they’re no longer falling for the whole prince charming thing.  Good job Disney.  But what about our female superheroes? Where are the female leaders who are changing the world? Where’s this generation of Wonder Woman, for our little girls to feel empowered like we did when we were little ones?

Wonder Woman Movie is Here and We’re Inspired

Well after many years of waiting, the most popular female superhero has finally made it to the big screen for her first solo movie, Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.  I am so excited to also share that it was directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins.  Wow! Maybe times are changing after all?  The movie feels completely different from what we grew up watching and even different from all the other superhero movies.  Wonder Woman movie gets a little deeper with the storyline from explaining Greek mythology, family sacrifice and a mother’s protection.  But don’t worry they still included a few signature pieces like her lasso, tiara, and golden bracelets and a little romance.  No invisible plane ladies, but it’s okay.

So what  inspired these two magnificent women to move forward with a female superhero movie in a man’s entertainment world?  Well, I had the honor to interview Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins before the movie’s release and we asked what it means to them to be the new leading representation for our new generation of young girls.  Director Patty Jenkins answered with pride,

“When I was a kid, I saw Superman, and it made me feel like I could be a hero one day, and its lasted with me ever since and is one of the reasons I’m here today. But, it wasn’t until I saw the show of Wonder Woman on TV, which happened around the same time, when I was Wonder Woman on the playground, I was everything I ever wanted to be. So, sometimes, we’ve had these moments where we’re like, oh, my God, the idea that we could be a part of kids lives in that way is so beautiful and overwhelming, and we hope to give what we were given by other people.”

I’m personally proud of Director Patty Jenkins that she was able to to direct a woman’s superhero movie from a woman’s point of view.  After all, its us as women and young girls that know what our own struggles are and what we would love to achieve if only we had super powers.  Gal Gadot explained,

“I think that it’s so important that we show a strong female figure and that we show her story. I think that me growing up, I could go and watch Superman or Batman, but I never had a strong female figure that really inspires me to look up to. And I think that this movie is so important for all of you young girls and also for boys, as well. I’ve seen many boys dressed as Wonder Woman. And I think that what’s so beautiful about this character is that she’s very universal. Everyone can find something that she/he likes about the character. And she stands for beautiful things, for love and for acceptance and compassion and truth, and these values are very important, especially nowadays.”

Well said ladies, this generation needs more women like you in the entertainment industry and not just there, everywhere.  Our young girls need more role models on the screen, in school and even the books they read.  They may have their role models at home, we all know mom will always be Wonder Woman, but let’s start sharing more stories on how a girl can have the strength to change the world.

Without giving too much away about the movie, as I would recommend you take your sister, your BFF and your daughter or any young girl, the movie was fantastic and Gal Gadot’s performance was compassionate and overall a badass woman.  I guarantee you will walk out wishing you had her lasso and her super powers.

I want to thank Warner Bros. Pictures for the interview experience and most important, for supporting these two amazing women in the film industry and for bringing back Wonder Woman. Our young girls need more female superheroes and we hope this is just the beginning of many more to come. Look mom, that’s me standing next to Patty Jenkins!

Wonder Woman Movie in theatres, Friday June 2.  Get your #WonderWoman tickets today:

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