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Magdalena Dulce De Leche S’mores with Cinnamon Graham Crackers

August 18, 2015

Whether it’s summer or winter, taking a bite of a s’more is always the same.  You’re immediately sent into a state of s’more bliss. But is it the chocolate or slightly burnt marshmallows that takes you back to youthful exuberance or is it the moment?  I can say the delicious treat never gets old.  Until, one day I was having a conversation with a group of friends of the many ways to enjoy a s’more.  There’s s’mores with nutella, strawberry shortcake s’mores, and s’mores dip! In fact, if you do a search on Pinterest, you’ll find tons of recipes.  But where’s the Latin version of s’mores?

It was at that moment that I remembered I had a delivery from Try The World Argentina box and the Latina in me decided to test out Magdalena Dulce de Leche S’mores!  Sure, there’s existing dulce de leche recipes, but there’s one ingredient they forgot to add to the mix and that’s CINNAMON!  Latinos add cinnamon to most of their dessert recipes, so why should s’mores made with dulce de leche be any different.  Here’s my Latin version of s’mores.  One bite, and you’ll never go back to chocolate.  Okay, maybe you will, but dulce de leche s’mores do taste pretty amazing.

Magdalena Dulce de Leche S’mores



  1. Spread 1 tablespoon of dulce de leche on one half of a graham cracker.
  2. Carefully toast a marshmallow over fire (carefully).
  3. Place toasted marshmallow over cracker with dulce de leche, then top with second cracker and gently press together.


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