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Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe and Culture

November 18, 2015

Moroccan mint tea, refreshingly fragrant and heavily sweetened, holds a taste that captures the hum of Moroccan life.  It’s a hospitable drink that’s consumed at every meal.  Drinking tea is a way to engage socially, an no business deal can be closed without a cup.  It is believed that the history of Moroccan mint tea began in the 18th century, possibly introduced to Northwest Africa by the English along their trade routes. Read:  Make your next date night a Moroccan…

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It’s a Family Culinary Affair: The Delectable Dishes and Wine of Morocco

July 20, 2015

Growing up our family would always get together for picnics, dinners or just because.  It seemed like our weekends would always be filled with family activities.  But as we got older, the visits weren’t as frequent as they were when we were children.  It wasn’t until recently that we decided to change that and make family gatherings an international affair. Listen, our family loves to eat, its no wonder why I enjoy taking pictures and blog about food.  So leave it…

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Food & Drink Recipes & Chefs

Make Your Next Date Night a Moroccan Dinner at Home

June 4, 2015

Inspired by the Marrakesh, Try The World box I recently received I decided to host a Moroccan Dinner at home.  On occasion I like to change things up in the kitchen.  After all, anyone can make meatballs with pasta. You can almost smell all the spices in this post, cumin, cinnamon, mint, and lemon: these are the flavors that’s associated with Moroccan cuisine.  I have the perfect dinner menu that is not only easy to make, but will make you and…

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