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Canary – The Smart Home Security for Travelers

July 30, 2016

Whether you live alone with pets or not, staying connected to what’s going on at home while you’re traveling can be a challenge. Sure, we may all have mobile apps like Facebook Messenger or Facetime that help us communicate with friends and family while traveling, but what about your home – what’s going on while you’re away? How do you make sure that your pet-sitter or home-sitter stopped by to check on on your home?  Thank goodness for the Canary, a smart…

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Family Vacations Travel Trip Ideas

Visit Yosemite This Spring for Waterfalls and Wildflowers

March 25, 2016

Yosemite Valley is experiencing one of its wettest winters in more than four years, making this spring the ideal time to visit for waterfalls and wildflowers. Make sure to swing by early in the season to see the ephemeral falls that are at their fullest this time of the year. Among these brief, but stunning attractions, are Horsetail Fall and Ribbon Fall. Yosemite’s most iconic waterfall, Yosemite Falls, whose multiple cascades can be seen from numerous places around the valley,…

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Congrats New Orleans for Being Named the 5th Big City in the U.S.

November 14, 2015

As a big fan of New Orleans, I am so happy to hear that the domestic destination, which continues to grow, was recently named the 5th Big City in the U.S. according to Condé Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards 2015. New Orleans was ranked among other major U.S. hubs like Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and New York, while placing ahead of other cultural destinations like Austin and Seattle.  Congrats NOLA! Read: 10 Things to do During Your New Orleans Visit In its 28th year, Condé…

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Adventure Vacations Beach Vacations Trip Ideas

Central America: Exploring The Top 5 Things To Do in Belize

July 6, 2015

Where is Belize? For the most part, Belize goes unnoticed by majority of the world, and over the years the little country has turned into an attractive asset.  Located in Central America, Belize is situated below Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, West of Guatemala and North of Honduras.  Unlike it’s surrounded Spanish speaking countries, everyone does speak English since it was once a British colony.  But just like the rest of Central America, Belize is very diverse and there’s lots to explore. Now what…

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Mexico Getaway: 5 Things To Do During My Mexico City Visit

April 6, 2015

I’ll be heading to Mexico City for my next business journey and as usual it will be a short trip.  This means I have to squeeze in what I can to explore the beautiful city of Mexico.  This will be my first visit and as a tourist, I do plan to do touristy things like visiting Palacio de Bellas Artes (Bellas Artes Palace), Museo Nacional de Antropología (National Museum of Anthropology) and the heart of Mexico, el Zocalo.  It’s forgivable on my…

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Foodie Getaways New Orleans, Louisiana Trip Ideas Weekend Getaways

Weekend Getaway: 10 Things To Do During My New Orleans Visit

February 25, 2015

If you could only spend four days in New Orleans, what would be the top things to do during your visit?  Well, I’ve been doing a little research of the beautiful city and there’s obviously no way I can do everything it has to offer.  So how do I decide between the historic French Quarter art, dining, shopping, entertainment and architectural treasures?  Without a doubt, I do plan to experience a few New Orleans traditions by stopping at Café Du Monde, and the Gumbo Shop.  No night…

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Culture Parks and Gardens Trip Ideas

Why Muir Woods is one of the best things to do in San Francisco

January 17, 2015

There’s more to San Francisco than great culinary, culture and art, there’s also mother nature at it’s best. If you were to ask me which city I love best in the United States, automatically my answer will be San Francisco.  I’ve been traveling back and forth for many years, always admiring and discovering something different in this beautiful tech-savvy city.  If I could afford it, I would move there in a heart beat.  Trust me, I’ve been tempted a few times.  Since…

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