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The SLS Beverly Hills Room Service Experience

June 17, 2015

SLS Beverly Hills Hotel, where everybody is treated like royalty.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience at this hotel.  It’s swanky decor, friendly staff, it’s beautiful rooftop bar and let’s not forget it’s culinary art, home of the famous The Bazaar by José Andrés.  All fabulous!

I have been to the upscale hotel many times, but never actually stayed there, until recently.  Finally, the opportunity to experience their beds and room service has come.  Is their room service just as good as their upscale restaurant?

The Menu

With it’s flamboyant menu design, and it’s not so simple prices, as you may expect, I was curious to take a peek.  The selection you see on the menu is not your typical continental breakfasts you see at most hotels.  For breakfast you can feast from the Chef’s collection of assorted pastries to Torrijas Spanish Toast.  But since I arrived in the evening and I was starving and exhausted from my L.A. commute, I took the liberty to order dinner and went with a delicious Salmon Couscous dish.  Now being that it was late, I was expecting for my dinner to arrive at your typical 45-60 minute room service wait, right?  Nope.  My dinner arrived within 30 minutes or less.  I was very surprised and very pleased with the service.  So how was the dinner?  Exceptional.  The Salmon was moist, warm and grilled to perfection.  It also came with a delicious creamy sauce, which I need to find out what it is, because it was delicious!

The Decor

Now, are you curious to see what I enjoyed the most of the 402 sq ft Phillipe Starck-designed Pure Room?  There were a few details that really stood out besides it’s SLS Signature Pillow Top King Size Bed.  For starters, it’s called a Pure Room because the room has a non electric air purifier.  It’s perfect for those who have allergies.  Other minor touches would be it’s Sinners and Saints snack boxes that carried treats depending what mood or health kick you have going on.  Plus, let’s not forget that the only way to wash down your favorite snacks is with sparkling water in elegant red flutes.  I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t do that?

The bathroom decor wasn’t left out with it’s oversized experience shower with Ciel Spa amenities and glamour robe.  Only downfall to this room is no bathtub.  I’m a sucker for a deep tub for my end of day relaxation.  Perhaps that’s provided in a different room.

If you look at the photos below you will also notice a TV missing?  Well, it’s not.  There’s a 40″ widescreen LCD Plasma Sony TV with high definition and On Demand Channels hidden in the glass.  Talk about classy and clutter free.  Nice touch SLS, very nice touch.


Needless to say, staying at the SLS Beverly Hills Hotel was a wonderful experience.  I look forward to experience their SLS Las Vegas property later this year.  Review coming soon.

Photos were taken with a Sony a6000 Mirrorless Interchangeable-lens camera.

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