Top 4 On The Go Must-Have Summer Essentials

June 28, 2017

Hey everyone, Daniel here or @ocd92 if you know me from Instagram. Spring showers have past and gone and flowers are in full bloom. It must be summer right?! That means most of us are on the go. Whether it’s still hitting the day to day grind, or putting that PTO vacation time into good use. I for one, am totally on the go and with full time work, freelancing, gym, and going back to school it can get a bit overwhelming. Yet, I have with much difficulty summed up my top summer essentials into these 4 products that I can’t go without during my hectic schedule.

Evolve™ Classic Chocolate Protein Shake 

Okay we get it, it’s summer. Which means trying to get “summer bod ready”. Well, we all have our own definition of what that means. For me, it means getting my butt to the gym as much as possible and having a healthy diet, but still making room for tacos of course. Aside for my desire for tacos, I strive to have a healthy balance of protein and plant based foods. Sometimes, believe it or not, I do a lot better job of getting my veggies and fruit intake than my protein. Evolve Protein is a perfect plant based protein made up of only 11 ingredients that are non-gmo, soy free, dairy free, and vegan. I have issues with lactose sometimes to the fact that this product is dairy free is a bonus for me. Evolve protein has four tasty flavors like Classic Chocolate, Ideal Vanilla, Mellow Mocha, and Toasted Almond. Classic Chocolate is my favorite and sometimes it’s a great treat within itself after a good work out or a snack between meals. You can order their protein in powder form or buy them by case in individual bottles like I do. The bottles are more convenient, so you can just grab one on your way out the door. I’m stoked to see what other products Evolve Protein comes out with. They are a much newer brand, so I am sure they have a lot coming our way. Check them out at .


If you’re like me and you have been creating your summer 2017 music playlist since summer 2016 ended. Then I am sure you would want some comfortable, bass bumping, and non piggy bank breaking headphones. The Sony XB950BT EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Headphones are the perfect fit for that. These headphones have a EXTRA BASS™ feature that you can manually control. Which will give you the ability to enhance your personal listening experience. You can feel that the headphones have good durability and foundation, as well as great comfort. The head phones are Bluetooth and even come with the aux cable in case your battery runs out. The product site mentions that the headphones have, “An OFC voice coil provides high power handling of 1000 mw for continuously punchy bass.”. These headphones are probably the most affordable in the market that provide  great vivid sound quality, awesome bass, and battery life. You can find them on Amazon for about $80.00. I now can focus on my projects or just sit out soak up some rays and enjoy some rock’n music with my these amazing headphones.

Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer

The best part about summer are all the barbecues, pool parties, and beach days, but protecting my skin is super important to me because I hate getting sunburn or having dry face. Which is why my third summer essentials is a must-have even when it’s not summer. Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer is my favorite daily moisturizer because it has 20 SPF which is a good amount for my day to day needs of sun protection. They have other similar products that have a higher SPF amount if 20 is too low, everyones skin is different. Not only are Jack Black products natural but there perfect if you have super sensitive skin like I do. Most moisturizers contain overwhelming amounts of fragrance that can sometimes irritate your skin. The Blue Algae Extract & Sea Parsley helps sooth it right in. Without having to feel like you have layer of gunk on your face like some other “moisturizers” do. I highly recommend checking out their full line of products, I am sure Jack Black has something for you!

32oz Hydro Flask

Last but not least, my fourth must-have summer essential is my Hydro Flask. These hot days mean that we must stay hydrated. Hydro flask are made out of  professional-grade stainless steel. According to the product site it has, “TempShield™ double wall insulation, it keeps your hot water hot up to 12 hours or ice water refreshingly ice cold up to 24 hrs.”. You know what this means?! This means margaritas pool side! I mean.. water, you know to stay hydrated (cough cough). There is not a better liquid container to have when heat waves are expect to wipe out all of human life. Taking this out to the pool and letting it sit for hours and see that my ice hasn’t even melted or watered down my margarita is phenomenal. Hydro Flasks are in much popularity and range for about $39.95 on their website for a 32oz bottle. They also have an extraordinary foundation called Parks for All, which provides grants to non-profit organizations focused on building, maintaining, restoring, or providing better access to parks. Go get your Hydro Flask today, and join me for a pool side beverage.

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