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Top Wine Apps That Will Turn You Into a Wine Geek

February 18, 2016

In honor of National Drink Wine Day, which is observed February 18, I researched a few mobile wine apps that will inspire or help any newbie sound like a wine geek genius.  Just like you, I’m always looking for a new wine to try that’s not only delicious, but are also easy to find that won’t break the bank.  I’ve had my fair share of wine, but I’m far from being a sommelier, which is why I rely on research and the following apps to educate me and guide me.  At the end of the day, cheap or expensive, you know what you enjoy and that’s all that matters.  But if you’re looking to explore other options, you’ll definitely learn something.

Vivino Wine Scanner

Claimed as the #1 wine app, Vivino is your partner in wine, always with you and ready to help you pick, remember and share your wines. The app allows you to take a photo of any wine label to uncork pricing, ratings, reviews, food paring suggestions and recommendations from the biggest community of more than 10 million wine lovers.  Within seconds of scanning the bottle label, you’ll know everything you need to know about the wine!  It also allows you to remember if you already tried the wine and enjoyed it.  Plus, you’ll also find the best wine deals and where to buy it.  The app is free and available for both iOS and Android users.

Xvalues by Wine Spectator

Xvalues, is the latest app from Wine Spectator, which tells you exactly what red, white, or sparkling wines to seek out when shopping for a bottle. Xvalues wine app will surface Wine Spectator’s most highly rated and easy-to-find wines that don’t break the bank.  If you’re looking for good but affordable wines, this is your app.  The app is free and available for both iOS and Android users.

Approach Guides Wine for iPhone

Breaking from the pervasive model of 100-point ratings in favor of descriptions that communicate the essence of wines, Approach Guides is the first app that empower users to make informed wine choices by providing detailed, country-specific profiles of regions, appellations, grape varieties and vintages.  This unique approach has made Approach Guides the most respected wine app on the market, used by professionals and consumers around the world, from New York City to London to Hong Kong.  The app is free, but sorry Android users, it’s only available for iPhone users.

Delectable Wines

Just like Vivino app, you can also take a photo of a wine label and instantly get ratings and descriptions with Delectable, the critically-acclaimed free app that helps you get access to the world’s best wine. Keep track of your favorites and learn more about wine by following the world’s leading winemakers, sommeliers and wine critics. You can even buy wines you love from your phone. And all this works for beer and spirits too!  The app is free and available for both iOS and Android users.

Now it would be a shame to only celebrate National Drink Wine once a year, perhaps this day is just a reminder to drink wine.  After all, wine does have its benefits.  They say that moderate drinkers of wine have lower risks of liver disease, type II diabetes, certain kinds of cancers, heart attack and stroke.  But don’t quote me on this, I’m not a doctor to give health advice, I’m just a passionate wine lover.

Always drink responsibly and try a new wine.  Happy #NationalDrinkWineDay friends.  Cheers!

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