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The 5 best creepy treats at Halloween-themed Knott’s Berry Farm

Craving a spooky treat at the scariest theme park on earth? From black burgers, worm funnel cakes, and seasonal churros there’s a few monster treats that await eaters who enter Knott’s Scary Farm and Camp Spooky. Not to fear, there’s nothing gruesome here; just tummy-filling desserts and main meals that’ll keep you running through mazes all day and night.

Monster Burger

Located in the wild west, there’s the best grill that takes you back to western times by day, but a creepy-foggy lane filled with zombies by night, Ghost Town Grill. For a limited time, you can try Knott’s Monster Burger, with angus beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, spicy sausage on a black bun, held together with a steak knife.  This burger will feed the monster that’s inside of you. As mentioned, this burger will leave us once again on October 31st.

Pumpkin Churro Sundae

Who’s doesn’t love a good toasty churro? Its a must when visiting Knott’s, but for a limited time as well, you’ll have to swing by The Churro Factory for their Pumpkin Churro Sundae!  The churro itself is pumpkin flavored with sugar and cinnamon, but what’s inside is the surprise, raspberry filling! It’s a combo I never would think of mixing, but it’s bloody good!

Ice Cream Spookiewich

What’s colorful and spooky and carries a sweet crunch? That’s right, a Spookiewich, located in Camp Snoopy’s, Cave-Inn. How do I best describe this ice cream sandwich? It’s a like a Rice Krispy Ice Cream Treat but with Fruit Loops and chocolate ice cream. Warning, this has enough sugar to have you bouncing around like Knott’s Zombies!

Spookies n Cream Ice Cream

Since you’re already hanging out at Cave, you’ll also get to try dippin dots seasonal cookies ‘n cream dressed up for Halloween. The vanilla dots look orange, but don’t be fooled, it’s vanilla ice cream with bits of Oreo cookies. I’m a fan of dippin dots, so I’m glad they’re offering a seasonal treat.

Gummy Nightmare Funnel Cake

Still hungry for more? Make your final stop back into Ghost Town, if you dare and try their limited time Gummy Nightmare Funnel Cake at Ghost Town Grub. This Funnel cake is beyond your traditional amusement park treat, its topped with gummy worms, Oreo cookies, powdered sugar and whipped cream. Ugh, the thought of it just makes me want to scream!

Bonus: Scary Farm BOO-FET + Early Entry

If you’re planning to attend Knott’s Scary Farm, you can purchase an early entry and creepy buffet dinner where you could munch with the monsters before you face your fears. Its an additional $28.99, but you’ll be the FIRST to explore the mazes.

Let me know if you get to try any of these scary treats and share your pics with me via Instagram: @sparklinglala

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  • Natalie - October 12, 2017

    I’m going to Knott’s scary farm Saturday and I want to try the white chocolate skull but I don’t find the location for it in your article. If you know it would be awesome if you would let me know . Thanks 🙂

    • Lala Castro - October 14, 2017

      Hi Natalie, you could find the skull when you eat at their Boo-ffet. I believe the the buffet is served at Spurs and you need to make a reservation. Enjoy!

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