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Monster Diamondz Headphones Are A Gal’s Best Friend

May 9, 2015

Ladies, let’s take a moment to geek out about diamondz and their gorgeous clarity and sparkling perfection.  That’s right, I’m talking about Monster Diamondz headphones, the other sparkling accessory:  #MonsterDiamondTears

Monster is known to be the innovators in audio, including plenty of new headphones designed to compete with Beats models, which carried the Monster label until the two companies went their separate ways in 2012. These days the headphones that’s getting plenty of attention are the flashy, female-friendly model called the Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear.  They’re gorgeous!

Besides looking spectacular, I really love it’s balanced and not overbearing sound than other headphones and many Beats.  Obviously it’s bling-bling factor may not appeal to everyone, but for the most part, women like them.

The headphones come with three cords — one standard straight cord with no integrated remote or microphone for audio purists, one ControlTalk cable for mobile products, and let’s not forget it’s MusicShare cable, showcasing dual-port inputs that allow up to five headphones to connect at once and share their audio experience. Friends can enjoy all their music together in a brand new way, feeling every detail and beat, just as though they were in the studio or on stage with the musicians.

The Diamond Tears are pretty comfy, but they do fit very snugly, and the teardrop shape of the earpads seems better suited to those with smaller ears; for those with with bigger ears, you may not be able to wear them for long periods.  They do come in different colors, so you can choose your special gem.

Aren’t they fabulous?  Obviously the best friend and I both own a pair.  I own the Gold Diamondz headphones and the BFF owns the sapphire Diamondz.  What can we say, we’re stylish geeks.



For the past 35 years, Monster has been a catalyst for innovation and big ideas. Discovering that cables in hi-fi systems influenced the sound, Head Monster Noel Lee developed Monster Cable® – an immediate hit. Monster engineered the sound of Beats® headphones, and has since become the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance headphones, all featuring Pure Monster Sound™ technology.  Today, the company offers advanced connectivity solutions for professional musicians, home entertainment, computing, mobile and gaming, as well as high performance AC Power and conditioning products. Monster continues to lead in innovation with over 662 patents worldwide and 100 pending, offering more than 5,000 products in over 160 countries. Monster also prides itself in helping those who are in less-than-fortunate circumstances through Monster Cares®. Above all, Monster does what it does Because The Music Matters.

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